Create the life you want to lead. Here's the truth:

It's time to dare.


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"My technique as an entrepreneur is simply to be realistic but challenging when setting my goals, I always aim to push myself and my brands to the next level with every goal I set. This journal has been a great tool to track my progress and hold myself accountable."

- Ariana

CEO of Paperliptstick and Haute Theory 

"This night was definitely a talk that brought attention to the ups and downs of any journey and how to best continue navigating our choices when life gets challenging. This night allowed each of us to not only dream bigger, but also to make the moves that will allow us to achieve greater."

- Raeven

Founder, Intimate Conversations

"Journaling has helped me level up mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and energetically. I went from thinking big, to dreaming big. Educating myself day by day with higher goals and higher motivation. I am turning my actions intro results."

- Solangy

Posse Scholar at Babson University 

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You're the author of your own


Get one step closer to discovering your purpose with every entry in this journal. Let this be dedicated to you. It's where you turn your inner thoughts into a roadmap straight to your goals for today and the ones that are years away. Be intentional, concise and stay committed. Invite positivity and possibility into your life. It all starts with a blank page.  

"I use this journal to set goals that help me organize my time and my resources so that I can make the most of my life. Setting goals gives me a sense of purpose in life which in return provides motivation and momentum."

- Karina

CEO Vida Wellness 

"Balancing both my corporate career and starting my business venture has been both challenging and rewarding. Writing down my goals and creating action plans with this journal has helped me keep my goals organized and has helped me execute effectively - especially when time becomes a constraint. The ultimate benefit is watching your business flourish all while still progressing and climbing the corporate ladder."

- Sasha

CEO Divine Culture 

"Using this journal to organize my thoughts and plans with time in mind is key for me. Also, it is important to have faith. Having faith in yourself to keep on going even if things don't go as we think they are supposed to, God has a better plan in store."

- S.V. Sevillanoo

CEO Roam.en.Style Boutique