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Cohort designed for women leaders!

Our signature 6-week virtual program is designed and facilitated by our founder, Angelica Alam.


This powerful program is accessible, actionable, and designed to help you gain game-changing skills, confidence, and a sense of belonging as you achieve your goals. 

Join today and reach the peak of your potential.

Become Part Of A Professional Community While Focusing On Personal Development.

​Over six weeks, our selected cohort members embark on a journey where they:

  • Engage in discussions and address real-world topics that directly affect women in the workforce

  • Receive priceless wisdom and guidance from leaders across diverse industries

  • Participate in empowering group sessions led by our dynamic life coach

  • Cultivate relationships and gain access to a nurturing community that extends to the entire PowHER Circle family

  • Encourage and support one another, creating a network where accountability and cheerleading go hand in hand.

It's a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive together. We're here to empower you journey!




Wealth Management Consultant

"The PowHER Circle created a supportive and empowering community and introduced me to incredible speakers which have truly expanded my vision of what I can achieve as a Latina in Finance. I learned the value of getting uncomfortable, sharing my authentic story, and reaching out to others to learn about their careers to demystify whether it is something I would like to pursue."

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