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A Community of PowHERful Women!

The PowHER Circle™ IS


The PowHER Circle is a professional development platform that supports women as they work to reach their personal and professional goals. We provide a supportive and diverse community of powerful and professional women who are all on the same journey.


Our programming, resources, and workshops provide an accessible opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to grow while strengthening our sense of belonging and confidence.


Come join the PowHER Circle today and reach the peak of your potential.


Our signature PowHER Up Virtual Program

Our mission is to bridge the gap between personal and professional development.

Our fu, Angelica Alam, facilitates a powerful 6-week virtual program called PowHER Up, which is thoughtfully designed to:


1. Foster community and create an intimate safe environment for all cohort members

2. Discuss real-world topics that impact women in the workforce, which allows for genuine vulnerability and real connections

3. Powerful programming with guest speakers from across different industries that share game-changing advice that has proven to impact cohort members in tangible ways

4. An intimate group session facilitated by our resident Life Coach that is notoriously known to blow the room away!

5. A dedicated visualization session, where we focus on the power of our thoughts, words, and intentions to create powerful declarations over our professional and personal goals! 


More importantly, together, we set personal and career goals, discuss some of our fears and anxiety around career progression and life events and hold each other accountable to continue honoring our worth and reaching for what we deserve!

Cohort 5 Applications are now open!

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PowHER Boost

Angelica is an Award-winning former Wall Street executive with 15+ years of corporate experience both domestically and internationally. Though a successful global leader, her true passion is helping women progress both personally and professionally.


As a first-generation Latina, she has gained many invaluable skills in her corporate ladder climb. Angelica has supported hundreds of women through Career shifting, Promotions, Salary Negotiations, Executive Presence, and Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. 


If you are in need of 1:1 support please use the link below to connect with Angelica directly. 




Wealth Management Consultant

"The PowHER Circle created a supportive and empowering community and introduced me to incredible speakers which have truly expanded my vision of what I can achieve as a Latina in Finance. I learned the value of getting uncomfortable, sharing my authentic story, and reaching out to others to learn about their careers to demystify whether it is something I would like to pursue."


You're the author of your own


Get one step closer to discovering your purpose with every entry in this journal. Let this be dedicated to you. It's where you turn your inner thoughts into a roadmap straight to your goals for today and the ones that are years away. Be intentional, concise and stay committed. Invite positivity and possibility into your life. It all starts with a blank page.  

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