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Tighten Those Laces: We Have Places To Go.

I am so happy to go on this adventure with all of you.

I considered making the title of this post, "Girl, if you change your launch date one more time...!"

Like many of you, I am trying to balance my career, passions, and adventures and still get adequate hours of sleep. Sometimes I can adjust all pretty well; other times, a few launch dates get pushed out, repeatedly. Balancing a lot can be overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, knowing that you are living in your purpose makes it all worth it.

I was inspired to start this blogging journey a year ago. I returned home feeling inspired by a two-week five-country client tour in Europe and a life-changing trip to Singapore. I had accepted a 12-month company assignment in Singapore and needed to go scope out housing options. I was scared and excited at the same time. I had just finished traveling to my favorite countries in Europe on business and was preparing for an across the globe move. This is the first time I would live this far from everything I love, but I was ready for this next adventure. Fun fact: According to Psychologists, fear and excitement trigger the same psychological response. Sometimes when we think we are afraid, we are actually really excited.

I was sitting in Business Class on the longest flight around the world, Singapore Airlines' Newark to Singapore 19-hour direct flight. You can do a lot of reflecting on a non-stop 19-hour flight, especially when the Champagne is free. You can even get a full night's rest, wake up, watch a few movies, reflect some more, and still have time left to enjoy the clouds. I remember opening up my journal and reflecting on the last decade of my life. I went from being this little girl with a dream to a businesswoman getting ready to lead at the global level. I was overwhelmed by one powerful emotion, Gratitude. At this moment, I felt the deep urge to share everything I have learned, hoping that if I could help it, no one would ever give up on their dreams. By the grace of God, amazing parents, a supportive family, one fantastic life coach, hard work, and exceptional mentors, I defied many of the negative statistics impacting my community. It really does take a village!

I started this blog in hopes that through the stories, lessons learned, resources shared, and encouraging words, we can motivate and inspire each other to believe in bigger and bolder dreams. I have learned so much about pivoting career paths in the last decade, elevating career goals, taking calculated risks, getting past those self-sabotaging thoughts, taking the dive of faith, and I want to share with all of you everything I have learned.

Yea, I have all these fancy titles: Wall Street Professional, Author, Philanthropist, Speaker, etc. What remains constant in all of those titles is my morals and my character. At the end of the day, I am a woman with a passion for helping others, especially my Latina sisters, realize how incredibly amazing, powerful, and valuable they are. I plan to do just that from the dreamy streets of LaLa Land. So, tighten those laces, sis. We have places to go to. The top is waiting for you!


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