Focus Less On The Problem & More On The Solution.

(That is easier said than done) but I've done it, which means you can too!


I was gearing up to go on the most exciting business trip of my career — a client tour across Europe. I was going to visit four countries, eight cities, and 15+ clients.

I had my flights booked, hotels booked, meetings scheduled. I was beyond excited.

As I wrapped up my day at the office and prepared to walk out, a co-worker reminded me not to forget my passport, which I had left on my desk. As she grabbed it to hand it to me, she made a complementing comment. "Nice passport picture Angie, but this isn't the passport you're using right!?"

I was confused because I thought, What passport should I be using? so I ask, "whatever do you mean, co-worker?" She kindly reminded me that most European countries wouldn't allow you entry if your passport expires within six months.

Of course, my passport was due to expire in 5 months and 29 days. Why would my dream business trip go as planned?