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Hi All,

I'm looking forward to learning from, working with and leveling up, alongside each of you!

A little bit about me....

I'm my little Queen's mother first...then I'm a spirit protector, culture keeper, corporate activist and truth-teller. After almost 15 years in the PR/communications industry and 5 years of social justice + activism outside the office, I made the heart-led switch to lead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) for my former global comms firm full time....but now I'll be leading DE&I for a top firm in entertainment and I'm ready for the challenge and the ride.

I'm deeply passionate about leaving this world better than I found it so my daughter doesn't have to fight the same battles we're all fighting now. I'm an advisor, member and/or on the board of several organizations that are doing just that ranging from addressing the Black maternal health crisis and ending systemic racism in the healthcare system and inclusive healing for Black, Indigenous, gender non-binary and people of color to career advancement and mentorship for Black and Brown youth and criminal justice reform. All power to the people all the time....we're in this together and we can and should take up as much space as possible while building the beloved community 🖤

I also believe in living, loving and laughing as if nobody is watching every step of the way...

Looking forward to my new chapter and going through what God has brought me to....salute to all of US for saying yes to ourselves.

In community,


Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner

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